Building strong tech brands,
elevating great ideas
and amplifying business potential

We use creative tools to explore, develop and build future-leaning, modular solutions for people and their tech, where the real world and the digital coexist.

We understand tech companies, how great ideas are born and what they need to flourish in the different stages of the journey to conquer a market niche.

We speak tech, and we speak creativity and always approach our work with curiosity and a big heart.










@ the core

on a mission to help
brilliant ideas prosper


Building confident and resilient brands for ambitious tech companies. Creating a world of difference when a business meets the world.


Minimum Viable Brand

The concept of a Minimal Viable Brand is part of our DNA, a key principle in brand identity experimentation and our approach to modular and elastic branding solutions for early-stage start-ups. 



Leveraging design to unlock business potential. We craft visual assets that amplify great ideas and enhance brand identity and innovative products.  


Concept development

Where ideas can flourish. Conceptualize and refine products, services, and features.



Capturing hearts and minds. Forging an emotional connection and a lasting impression. 


Brand strategy

Customer-centric and data informed solutions with brand and product in focus.



We are

a collective of creatives, designers, curators, storytellers, strategists and business developers with creativity and business intelligence @ the core. We operate from both Stockholm and Tel Aviv, two of the most vibrant tech centres in the world.

We work closely with entrepreneurs, founders, investors, education institutes, accelerators and innovation hubs to provide new pathways to market niches and capture the hearts and minds of our audiences.

With mixed disciplines and methodologies, we operate across different industries with the intent of scaling businesses and creating transformative solutions that truly make a difference.


Sleeves up. 
Partnering with tech founders and investors in different stages of the journey, we support the business with the creative know-how to bring ideas to life and accelerate their impact.  

We collaborate with VCs to maximize the value of their portfolio, prepare for an exit or help their companies with a crucial funding round  or an IPO. 

We offer flexible ways of working with early-stage startups. From exploration workshops to a Minimum Viable Brand to get you started.

From early to later stages, from birth to maturity, our collaborative approach, working with both founders and investors, while deep diving into the user mindset, provides us with unmatched insight, enabling us to shape focused solutions that truly make a world of difference when your business meets the world.  

We are agile and resourceful by design, with a small team @ the core. 

We work in a lean, effective way, onboarding and unloading talent and capabilities where needed. This makes our offer modular and suitable for all types of businesses. 

Depending on the task at hand, we tailor the process and apply our resources to deliver excellence within branding, concept and product. 

What you do, your business or product, is distinctively unique. 
While we have our own methodologies in place, the process and output are tailored to meet your unique challenges, aspirations and needs.

Our internal process follows design thinking practices and its stages of research, user-centric exploration and distilling insights, which is then followed by ideation, prototyping and testing, before releasing the product into the wild, or launching the new brand identity and website. 

We always encourage our partners to take an active role in the process and together we unpack the business potential and the best path to getting there. We believe that working this way results in aligned expectations and a true co-ownership of the outcome. 

We believe creativity is a distinctively human trait that combines individual perception, emotional input, taste, craftsmanship, and some illusive, magic fairy dust that nobody can really put their finger on. 

One day AI shows up at our doorstep, boasting all kinds of promises: (A)I can do this, and (A)I can do that. It was so cocky and full of itself, that we thought “Let’s see what this little #%*@€& can do”.

So we built a little AI sweatshop, where it is only allowed to speak when it is being addressed to, gets the minimum voltage to keep it alive and gets to do all the boring stuff that we don't like doing ourselves (chores that suck up time and keeps us from doing the real creative work). 

So far it doesn't seem to mind. Or so it leads us to believe. 

We explore and test the many manifestations of AI and its capabilities and tools with pure amazement. 
We integrate the ones we find relevant and use it to find patterns, generate potential scenarios, speed up processes and scale output. 

Today it is embedded in many aspects of our process and production and supports us in our quest to continuously improve and provide best-in-class creative solutions.

We are glocal and operate mainly from Stockholm and Tel Aviv with an extended network of satellite members transitioning between projects of varying scales. 

We approach our work with a mindset that weaves holistically together brand, product and user experience, to carry a business, or product, into the future.

We can help with

Concept Development

Products and services. Develop and execute ideas, features and functions

Visual Identity & Assets

Develop and build visual assets in support of a singular product and brand

Product Enhancement

 Improve the product through better accessibility and feature design. Align product with the brand’s aesthetics and make it stand out

Category Design

When you’re doing something new and have the first-mover advantage. Define the category and set the stage for expansion

Branding & Brand Strategy

Create and develop a brand identity that counts. Take control over perception, narrative, look and feel. Invite the world into a brand universe. Integrate brand and product. Engage and retain

Product Interface

Design beautiful and intuitive interfaces


Web design. Product, function, brand and narrative, brought together in a website to be proud of 


Crafting the story and message. Communicate the product’s advantage and company’s values, in a way that is captivating and engaging

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